Crawler Track Systems

Ontrak HT Series Track Systems

Ontrak can design a track system to suit your specific application, if there is not an existing Track to suit your requirements. With tracks ranging from 6 to 130 Tonnes total inclusive capacity, there is a system for all weights and applications.

Ontrak H6T & H8T Track System

The Ontrak H6T and H8T Tracks are designed for use under the smaller more maneuverable types of Equipment such as Auxiliary fans and Drill Rigs  .

Ontrak H30T & H50T Track System

The Ontrak H30T & H50T Tracks are designed for mid range machinery such as Transformers and smaller Longwall Pump Stations. These tracks are covered a by Design Registration on the Braking Systems. These Tracks are also generally retro-fitted to feeder Breakers during overhaul. 

Ontrak H75T Track System

The Ontrak H75T Track System carries a Design Registered Braking System as well, and these tracks are standard fitment on the highly successful OFB-30 Feeder Breaker, as well as the current range of Longwall pump stations and transformers.

Ontrak H90T & H120T Track Systems

The Ontrak H90T & H120T Track Systems are designed for Longwall Shearer Transporters (Trailers) and other heavy duty applications such as large Open Cut Transformers.